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Calculating the right amount of tax to pay can be challenging. Our experts navigate through complicated legislation to ensure relevant reliefs can be claimed.

Personal & Partnership Tax

Whether you are a sole trader, own a property portfolio, starting a business or in an established partnership, our advisors take the time to understand your tax position and provide you with advice to ensure tax efficiency runs in harness with your long-term goals.

Get in touch and find out if it would be more tax-efficient to run your business through a limited company.

Corporate Tax

Our breadth of tax knowledge gives us the edge over our counterparts in navigating through evolving legislation to ensure relevant reliefs and claims are made and the right amount of tax is paid.

We will keep you informed of any changes that will affect you such as Making Tax Digital. Providing advice on tax accounting under both, UK GAAP and IFRS and file tax returns to ensure you meet all relevant deadlines.

Our personable and professional rounded service will follow our 4-step process:

Value Added Tax

VAT is one of the most complicated areas of tax, with errors leading to penalties, which have increased and become harsher over the years. We can help you with the following:

  • VAT registrations
  • Ad-hoc advice
  • Assistance with partial exemption methods or special VAT schemes
  • Advising on record-keeping
  • Completing VAT calculations and VAT returns on your behalf.

VAT for properties can be notoriously complex and the transaction value is usually significant. We can help you understand the VAT impact on such transactions and can advise you on:

  • Option to tax
  • Relevant residential and relevant charitable developments
  • 5% reduced rate construction services
  • Capital Goods Scheme
  • Transfers of a going concern
  • New build dwellings

Our VAT solution are:


Capital Allowances

Capital allowances, the relief available when purchasing assets, is governed by its own set of legislation. It is a highly effective way of reducing the post-tax cost of buying equipment, fixtures and fittings, plant and acquiring, building, fitting out or refurbishing a property.

Although no two transactions are the same, below is a typical percentage breakdown of Capital Allowance claims.

40% for New Building Acquisition

80% for Building Refurbishments

95% for Leisure Fit-outs

We couple tax expertise with the technical know-how of qualified surveyors, to understand your transaction and support you to achieve a successful outcome.

We can assist with the following and can tailor our support to your requirements:

  • Preparation of detailed capital allowances reports, claims and elections for purchases of second hand buildings, new build, fit-out and refurbishment projects
  • Property portfolio and historical claim audits
  • Enhanced capital allowances claims – 100% WDAs on energy and water efficient equipment and repayable credits, for UK companies where the allowances create a loss
  • Land Remediation Relief claims – 150% relief on construction work relating to the remediation of land and buildings and repayable credits where the allowances create a loss
  • Advice on contract negotiations for sellers and purchasers

Do not miss an opportunity, nail it.

Property Tax

W Advisory Property

Property tax can be a costly affair, you could spend more than you expected on Stamp Duty Land Tax, ATED and VAT.  Our experts understand these complexities and can advise on what the best holding structure should look like.


Individual circumstances drives what the best advice is, one holding structure isn’t appropriate for all.

Our process:

  1. Understand the transaction and assets (commercial or residential)
  2. Understand the purpose (trading or investing)
  3. Create a scenario that considers the most appropriate holding structure for the property.

How do we do this? We look at how to minimise taxes through applying reliefs.